The Foundations of the Islamic Belief
by Al Ghazali (died 505/1111)

Shaykh Ahmad Darwish Mosque of the Internet P.O. Box 601, Tesuque, NM 87574 USA Foreword by Professor Hasan El Fatih Dean of Umm Durman Islamic University. This book was written in Arabic by Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali, or Algazel as he was known to medieval Europe (died 505/1111).

His numerous works are well known, respected and quoted not only in the middle east but in the higher universities of west. His contribution to theology and philosophy have proved to be major cornerstones of resource throughout the centuries.

During the revival of Greek philosophy in the middle ages, many Christians were attracted and swayed by the persuasion of Greek logic. In an effort to protect Christianity, Christian theologians relied upon the profound arguments of Al Ghazali to defeat the adherents of Greek philosophy and thereby protected their religion.

Al Ghazali's works have been translated and printed in many languages. Comparative studies have shown that Jean Jacques Rousseau, known in the west as the pioneer of children's education, based his ideas and methods upon the work of Al Ghazali.

The Shorter Encyclopedia of Islam says of Al Ghazali:

"He was the most original thinker that Islam produced and its greatest theologian."
A.J. Arberry, professor and director of the Middle East Centre at the University of Cambridge, England referred to him as being:
"He was one of the greatest mystical theologians of Islam and indeed of all mankind."
I pray that the readers will benefit from the sound reasoning which they are about to embark upon and that it will open guiding channels of thought that will give pleasure in this life and in the Hereafter.

Hasan El Fatih Umm Durman Sudan 1992


The first translation into English was by the late Professor Nabih Amin Al Faris, American University, Beirut, October 31, 1962 with the examination of Dr. John H. Patton, Professor of Religion Park College, Parksville, MO. USA.

The reason for this work being undertaken yet again is due to the need for updating this work and also to rectify English linguistic usages and to adapt it for the computer with the addition of an index.

If the reader encounters difficulty in understanding some parts of this book, we would advise a visit to the grand philosopher and Sufi of Islam, Professor Hasan El Fatih, at the Mosque of Sheikh Muhammad El Fatih, Umm Durman, Sudan.

It is interesting to note that in the English versions of the Bible we found that the proper noun of the Creator referred to as "God" whereas we found in the Arabic edition of the Bible the proper noun changes to be "Allah" which is the same proper noun mentioned in the Arabic Koran.

In the Name of the Compassionate, the Merciful Allah,
This is the Book of the Foundations of Islamic Belief.

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